Kids Artwork

American Flag by Unknown $25
Amphibious Landing by Steinbacher $25
Horse-Red,White & Blue by Swearngin $35
Lambchops by Steinbacher $16
Large Red Barn on Hill by Kimble $40
My Mama by Steinbacher $25
Otters Love Baby Ducks by Amason $40
Pacific Coast Sea Otter by Wari $35
Roosters by Grosse $95
The American Farm by Kimble $30
The Haybailers by Unknown $30
This Little Pig by Steinbacher $16
When Toys and I Were One by Blair $25
Night Palms by Adler $20
AlphaKick by Keith $20
Anglers Inn by LaDuke $10
Anglers Pond by LaDuke $10
Best Friends by Barton $10
Course Dog by Smith $28
Dominoe Theory I by Gillette $35
Dominoe Theory II by Gillette $35
Girl in Blue Dress by Renoir $20
Girls with Balloons by Borg $10
la Danseures en Tutu by Degas $25
Musee de l'Elysee by Capa $10
Ostrich by Moskowitz $15
Roll The Dice I by Gillette $15
Roll The Dice II by Gillette $15
Summer Fair-Hyde Park by Zolan
Swan Lake by Gottreid $60
Sweet Kisses by Cameron $30
The Childrens Bookshop by Shannon $30
Trust in Your Heart by Lugg $20
Turkey by Moskowitz $15
Cello by S. Gillette $175
Jazz Dancer by S. Gillette $175
Rhythm Song by S. Gillette $175
Tambourine by S. Gillette $175
Trumpet I by S. Gillette $175
Trumpet II by S. Gillette $175
Faerie Quilt by Conti $150
Musical Faerie I by Conti $150
Musical Faerie II by Conti $150
Cityscape II by Van Hall $40
Elephas Maximus by Gillette $25
Panthera Leo by Gillette $25