"Cheers!" by Foster

Artist: Jenny Foster
Title: Cheers!
Edition Size: Original
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Image Dimensions: 15"x60"

Retail Price: $2,500

About the Art: Acrylic on Canvas

About the Artist:  JENNY FOSTER'S style is primitive and contemporary, embellished with joyful colors and abstract forms and symbols. Her constant goal is to create pieces that speak to the heart immediately — to create personality and expression, while keeping them simple, joyful, bold and refreshing. Her work is a celebration of colors, creatures and the spirit of life.

Her constant goal is to create pieces that speak to the heart immediately—stirring strong emotional reaction. Spontaneous and strong. The challenge is to create personality and expression, always aware of the balancing act of keeping it simple and not going too far with detail. Too much attention to the realistic aspects of the subject, she believes, takes away the energy and charm of her unique style.

Her style has been described as purposely reckless, primitive yet contemporary, gentle while being strong, bold but sweet, powerful, joyful and refreshing. She likes the "purposely reckless" description the best.

Foster says:
Few things compare to completely letting your imagination run wild—to allow the palette and brush to take over, watching new images simply emerge, capturing the moment and knowing when to stop. I personally do not believe this process can be taught.
It is natural and innate.
People smile when they see my work. It is simply meant to bring a bit of joy to the observer's life— kind of a childlike happiness we all once knew. If I can evoke that happiness in someone for a moment and take them away from the everyday stress life offers, I feel I have succeeded.

Jenny is a native Arizonan, and studied Fine Art at Arizona State University. She has been happily painting since she was 7 years old. The family dog was often found with purple spots, and her parents' names were Jack and Jill. And, yes, they lived on a hill! Jenny vows to never grow up.

To Create feeling and personality without painting in a realistic style is somewhat difficult to do. Here is a nice quote from a collector of Jenny's that sums it up pretty well:

"You have the ability to combine elegance with whimsical in your creations. That is a rare gift indeed. Artists usually have one aspect of these talents, and just elegance alone, is difficult to attain. Even your most sophisticated customers appreciate your unusual work because the whimsical portion must be done in a very subtle way. We all still smile at the 'sophisticated frivolity' of a Foster creation."

Sydney Ayers—collector

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