"Desert Glow" by Joy

Artist: Becky Joy
Title: Desert Glow
Edition Size: Original
Image Dimensions: 56x44

Retail Price: $7,850 (framed)

About the Art:

About the Artist: I am an artist, a painter, a teacher and an explorer…….at least in my corner of the world.

I’ve been known to take off on a minute’s notice for a painting trip. The exploration of new places is as exciting to me as the process of painting. Plein air painting is that perfect combination.

That spirit of exploration started when I was a child  exploring the woods, creeks and river with my sister by our family home in Oregon. We even traveled beyond our back yard with hikes and camping trips in the Northwest, creating a love of the outdoors. With paper, pencils and pastels in constant supply, I remember hours of sitting and laying on the floor with my dad as we drew on four foot wide rolls of paper. At twelve I stretched  myself and went for the oil paints. Since that time painting has been a constant companion of mine.  

After years of treating art as a hobby and getting a “real job” (I was a hairdresser for 19 years), I finally took charge of my education in art and became self directed and pro-active. In 2000 I started taking workshops, studying with many well known artists. I was on my way to living my lifelong dream as a professional artist.

I welcome you into my corner of the world to experience the light and colors of fleeting moments….glowing sunsets and light filled, luminous landscapes with a visual delight of color and playful, painterly brushwork.

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