"U.S. Map" by D. Schnebly

Artist: Daniela Schnebly
Title: U.S. Map
Edition Size: Original Artwork
Medium: Recycled Materials
Image Dimensions: 72" x 41"

Retail Price: $4,995.00

About the Art: This piece is made from 100% recycled materials.  Truly green artwork consisting of old license plates and recycled wood.

About the Artist:  

Originally from California, Daniela now lives in Arizona.  Daniela comes from a great American family that includes pioneers Sedona Schnebly and Theodore C. Schnebly who established the town of Sedona, Arizona.  Like her ancestors, she is now trailblazing with her art.

Daniela draws her inspiration from America’s open roads, Americana and the simple beauty of the expansive American Landscape.  She is concerned with repurposing and recycling our past into our future.  She hunts for raw materials from various places within the Arizona desert.  These found materials are transformed into her colorful mixed-media pieces.  The pieces exhibit a strong graphic presence with Pop Art energy along with Folk and Assemblage Art influences.

Daniela is a classically trained artist who is trained and an expert in many materials and manufacturing techniques.

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