Gallery Framed Artwork

"Moody Day" T. Amerine $2,950
"The Garden of Earthly Delights" J. Rickard
"Primary Into Secondary II" C. Powell
"Out of the Blue" J. Bonine $1,500
"Red Abstract Circles" S. Gillette $2,400
"Cheers!" J. Foster $2,500
"War Horse I" D. Bernstein $3,500
"War Horse II" D. Bernstein $3,500
"Black & White Abstract" S. Gillette $2,500
"Chianti Vineyard" H. Rosner $1,750
"Horse Profile" C. Berry $1,950
"Floral Study I" C. Jarvis $1,200
"Floral Study II" C. Jarvis $1,200
"Floral Study III" C. Jarvis $1,200
"Desert Glow" B. Joy $7,850
"Shadows of Wisdom" J. Bonine $2,950
"Vintage #5" B. Foreman $3,950
"Tuscany in the Spring" H. Rosner $1,750
"Balanced" S. Gillette $950
"Vessel Series #3" S. Grosse $3,250
"Patina" B. Foreman $3,250
"Strength of Remembrance" J. Bonine $1,575
"#258 Fuji Koyoto Series" S. Grosse $3,350
"Oceanic #1" B. Foreman $1,400
"Storm Front" B. Foreman $2,250
"Relic Brush #72" S. Grosse $6,200
"Expansion" T. Hovde $950
"First Impressions" H. Rosner $2,450