Unframed Original Artwork
"Dancer I" by Lu Ann $1,950
"Dancer II" by Lu Ann $1,950
"Totem Series" by Grosse $4,000
"Cello" by Gillette $175
"Abstract of Detail" by Clark $195
"Alternate Wave" by Hunt $225
"Amersement Pack II" by Conti $225
"Ancient Artifact" by Gillette $150
"Ancient Days II" by Gillette $450
"Ancient Days III" by Gillette $450
"Ancient Pot" by Gillette $950
"Ancient Stories IV" by Hunt $295
"Ancient Stories V" by Hunt $295
"Ancient Stories VII" by Hunt $295
"Arabesque VIII" by Hunt $95
"Architectural Details II" by Schemmel $295
"Arnica" by Conti $195
"Asian Horse" by Conti $150
"Bird on A Wire" by Gillette $250
"Blanket & Basket" by Metoopi $150
"Blues Dancer" by Lownes $3,500
"Boy With Row Boat" by Lownes $3,400
"Broken Patterns" by Hunt $395
"Bronco" by Conti $175
"Buddies" by Foster $3,600
"Buffalo" by Gillette $195
"Calmer Sentiment" by Hope $1,800
"Cascade" by Grosse $975
"Casey's Retreat" by Grosse $995
"Cave Song IV" by Grosse $1,800
"Column from Rome I" by Clark $175
"Column from Rome II" by Clark $175
"Column of Rome I" by Clark $95
"Column of Rome II" by Clark $95
"Comanche Rock" by Hunt $200
"Contemporary Column" by Hunt $295
"Cool Expressions" by Amerine $1,500 (set)
"Copper Horse II" by Hunt $295
"Cosmic Figures I" by Gillette $150
"Cosmic Figures II" by Gillette $150
"Dancing Horses" by Conti $175
"Dancing Horses II" by Conti $175
"Desert Dawn" by Joy $5,800
"Desert Rose IV" by Hunt $195
"Desert Sky" by HUnt $750
"Desert View" by HUnt $450
"Desert Vista" by Whitehurst $200
"Dragonfly" Artist Unknown $350
"Eclipse I" by Hunt $150
"Egyptian Dance" by Rudolph $195
"Elk Run" by Gillette $160
"Evening Mountain Glow" by Amerine $1,500
"Faerie Quilt" by Conti $150
"Fantasia IV" by Levine $195
"Feverfew" by Conti $195
"Floral Rendering" by Gillette $95
"Floral Study II" by Jarvis $600
"Flower" by Conti $195
"Flower II" by Conti $195
"Flower Market" by Schmerl $195
"Flower Panel I" by Conti $295
"Flower Panel II" by Conti $295
"Four Peaks-Poppies" by Joy $8,000
"Garden Canvas" by Gillette $295
"Garden View" by Schmerl $195
"Geckos" by Conti $395
"Golden Treasure" by Hunt $295
"Good Bi" by Foster $8,500
"Green Hand" by Gillette $95
"Horses" by Gillette $160
"Hummingbird" by Hunt $90
"In The Rough II" by Hunt $195
"Jazz Dancer" by Gillette $175
"Kachina" by Hunt $200
"Kachina II" by Gillette $350
"King's Ransom" by Gillette $450
"Kokopelli" by Conti $395
"La Playa I" by Conti $495
"La Playa II" by Conti $495
"Lizard" by Hunt $90
"Luna Mistica" by Schemmel $395
"Marigold" by Conti $195
"Mexican Gate" by Hunt $475
"Mexican Wall" by Gillette $450
"Monsoon I" by Hunt $495
"Moon Lily I" by Gillette $195
"Moon Lily II" by Gillette $195
"Musical Faerie I" by Conti $150
"Musical Faerie II" by Conti $150
"On The Range" Artist Unknown $195
"On The Rim" by Rickard $1,900
"Orange Floral" by Lownes $4,500
"Pair I" by Conti $250
"Pair II" by Conti $250
"Pair III" by Conti $250
"Pair of Palms" by Conti $395
"Parthanon Sketch" by Schemmel $195
"Peacock" by Gillette $195
"Pinnacle Peak" by Joy $8,000
"Planted Tree" by Conti $195
"Potted Flower" by Conti $250
"Potted Tree" by Gillette $195
"Power Pears" by Conti $195
"Prarie Dreams" by Gillette $250
"Prayer Stick II" by Hunt $295
"Pressed Flowers I" by Conti $295
"Pressed Flowers II" by Conti $295
"Quail" by Hunt $90
"Ram" by Conti $195
"Ram II" by Conti $195
"Red Cliffs" by Joy $4,000
"Red Paint" by Foster $2,300
"Rhythm Song" by Gillette $175
"Ribbit" by Hunt $90
"Roman Column" by Gillette $160
"Roman Column I" by Clark $95
"Roman Column II" by Clark $95
"Rooster Call II" by Jarvis $600
"Rose Bouquet" by Gillette $395
"Seahorse" by Gillette $195
"Siesta #13" by Thompsen $100
"Soft Intention I" by Conti $350
"Soft Intention II" by Conti #350
"Sonoran Mosaic I" by Gillette $295
"Sonoran Mosaic II" by Gillette $295
"Southwest Quilt I" by Hunt $395
"Southwest Quilt II" by Hunt $395
"Southwest Splendor I" by Hunt $300
"Southwest Splendor II" by Hunt $300
"Spotted Horse" by Conti $175
"Symphony of Flowers" by Lownes $5,000
"Tambourine" by Gillette $175
"Three Pots" by Gillette $195
"Tissue-Full Sheet" by Gillette $495
"Tissue-Half Sheet" by Gillette $250
"Totem Pole" by Gillette $295
"True Blue Friend" by Foster $3,800
"Trumpet I" by Gillette $175
"Trumpet II" by Gillette $175
"Tuscan Collage" by Gillette $250
"Tuscan Landscape" by Gillette $195
"Title Unknown" by Teissedre $900
"Vase Setting" by Gillette $295
"War Horse II" by Bernstein $3,500