Amphibious Landing by Steinbacher $25
Arizona Paint by Jones $40
Best of Breed by Calkins $35
Colorful Wolves by Holland $30
Dreaming Zebra by Smith $30
Horse-Red,White & Blue by Swearngin $35
Lambchops by Steinbacher $16
Loyal Companion by Calkins $35
Midnight Mustangs by Walker $30
My Mama by Steinbacher $25
Orangatang by Quintero $30
Otters Love Baby Ducks by Amason $40
Pacific Coast Sea Otter by Wari $35
Painted Horses by Borstel $60
Radar by Roberts $30
This Little Pig by Steinbacher $16
Tiger by Quintero $30
Tigris by Levine $25
Afrique I by Dillard $25
Afrique II by Dillard $25
Afrique III by Dillard $25
Elephas Maximus by Gillette $25
Panthera Leo by Gillette $25
Best Friends by Barton $10
Coolin' Off by Stoecklein $40
Duke of Buccleuch by Frain $60
Home Stretch by Zolan $30
Lone Jumper II by Hall $25
Ostrich by Moskowitz $15
Our Leading Jockeys of the Day by Hester $60
Rounding The Turn by Leone $36
The LX Saddle Horses by Stoecklein $40
Trout by Bloch $15
Asian Horse by Conti $150
Bronco by Conti $175
Dancing Horses by Conti $175
Dancing Horses II by Conti $175
Spotted Horse by Conti $175
Buffalo by S. Gillette $195
Copper Horses II by M. Hunt $295
Dragonfly by Unknown $350
Elk Run by S. Gillette $160
Gecko's by Conti $395
Horses by S. Gillette $160
Hummingbird by M. Hunt $90
Lizard by M. Hunt $90
Quail by M. Hunt $90
Rabbit by M. Hunt $90
On the Range by Unknown $195
Pair I by Conti $250
Pair II by Conti $250
Pair III by Conti $250
Peacock by S. Gillette $195
Ram by Conti $195
Ram II by Conti $195
Seahorse by S. Gillette $195
Peacock Masaic by Rosseau $25
Roosters by S. Grosse $95
Serengetti Elephants by Poirier $40
Sir Alfred Munnings by Hunter $45
Hummingbird with Mimosas by Gould $30
Hummingbird with Orchids by Gould $30
Shrouded Forest by Smith $45
Tapestry Detail I by Gillette $25
Tapestry Detail II by Gillette $25
Breaking Cover by Herberte $40
Chili Dog by Low $15
The Last Ditch by Neville $60