Flower by Conti $195
Flower II by Conti $195
Floral Rendering by S. Gillette $95
Flower Market by Schmerl $195
Flower Panel I by Conti $295
Flower Panel II by Conti $295
Garden Canvas by S. Gillette $295
Garden View by Schmerl $195
Moon Lily I by S. Gillette $195
Moon Lily II by S. Gillette $195
Planted Tree by Conti $195
Potted Flower by Conti $250
Potted Tree by S. Gillette $195
Pressed Flowers I by Conti $295
Pressed Flowers II by Conti $295
Arnica by Conti $195
Feverfew by Conti $195
La Playa I by Conti $495
La Playa II by Conti $495
Marigold by Conti $195
Rose Boquet by S. Gillette $395
Primative Still Life by Gillette $25
Bermuda Lilies by Rosner-Kozuch $30
Calla No. 2 by Ellison $25
Calla No. 3 by Ellison $25
Calla No. 5 by Ellison $25
Calla No. 6 by Ellison $25
Demure by Whiteside $30
Fleurs et Coleurs I by Boulez $40
Fleurs et Coleurs II by Boulez $40
Garden Suite IV by Johnson $30
Garnet Lily by Andrew $20
Garnet Tulip I by Andrew $20
Garnet Tulip II by Andrew $20
Grand Irises by Meng $45
Herbs by Sprawson $25
Irises at Waterside by Unknown $40
Lovers by Rosner-Kozuch $30
Muses by Mercer $28
Promise by Mercer $25
Roses in Round Vase by Olson $25
Roses on French Newspaper by Olson $25
Serene Beauty I by Loreth $35
Serene Beauty II by Loreth $35
Simplicity by Friedman $25
Tranquility by Friedman $25
Tulips in Fluted Vase by Olson $25
Tuscan Sunlight I by Clark $25
Tuscan Sunlight II by Clarkk $25
Urns in Copper II by Combs $30
Utopia by Whiteside $30
#17 by Unknown $20
#22 by Unknown $20
Afterglow by McGill $75
Anenomes and Antiques by Kurz $35
Art Expo by Crane $30
Babiana by Lauden $30
Birds of Paradise I by St. Amant $36
Blue Flowers for Rene I by Michaels $30
Blue Flowers for Rene II by Michaels $30
Blue Poppy by King $30
Blushing Calla Lilies by Blum $30
Butchart Waterlilies by Kreitzer $25
Calla Lily on Grey by O'Keeffe $20
Colorful Boquet by Jardine $100
Corinthian Floral II by Peters $35
Dancing Lady Orchid by deBorchegrove $44
Desert Series by Boreman $35
Eglantine by Unknown $18
Fiori di Campo I by Rivella $25
Fiori di Campo II by Rivella $25
First Blush by McGill $75
Floral Arangement by Gunn $30
Floral Collage by Schemmel $270
Floral Elements II by Combs $30
Floral VI by Gunn $95
Floral Still Life by Henri $220
Floral V by Gunn $95
Floral VI by Gunn $95
Flower Garden by Bodelson $20
Flower Garden, 1991 by Amburn $20
Flowers for Rene I by Michaels $30
Flowers for Rene II by Michaels $30
Fresco Floral No.1 by Iger $40
Fresh Cut Boquet II by Blum $16
Gladiolus by Lauden $30
Hawthorn by Unknown $18
Horizontal Daisies (tan) by F.M. $150
Horizontal Dasies (white) by F.M. $150
Hot House Flowers $15
Hydrangia Study II by Hristova $20
Hydrangia Study IV by Hristova $20
Impression Sienna by Michaels $35
Impression Umber by Michaels $35
Iris & Butterflies bby Wong $30
Iris Elegance by Mathenia $20
July by Furber $20
Lazy Daisy by Anderson-Tapp $16
Lily Suite by Hayes $30
Magnolia Charm by Berg $30
March by Furber $20
May by Furber $20
Morning Shadows I by Beckman $34
Motif I by Zlin $20
Motif II by Zlin $20
Motif III by Zlin $20
Motif IV by Zlin $20
My Tangled Garden by van Hees $20
Narrative II by Leach $20
New World Botanical I by Gillette $50
New World Botanical II by Gillette $50
November by Furber $20
October by Furber $20
One For The Roses by Jardine $25
Pansies by Unknown $18
Parquetry I by Gillette $55
Parquetry II by Gillette $55
Primative Still Life by Gillette $25
Purple Cactus Flower by Henim $95
Rhododendrums by Hooker $28
Romantic Profusion III by Jardine $20
September Roses by Barton $25
Single Flower by Mares $45
Spring Blooms I by Jubb $30
Springtime I by Dalton $35
Springtime III by Dalton $35
Stones of Florence II by Jardine $35
Sue's Boquet by Barton $20
Summer Greeting by Ritter $20
Table Arrangement by Leach $30
Thought by King $30
Three Graces by Carney $55
Title and Artist Unknown $35
Troise Tulipes Rouge by Gillette $20
Tulip Boquet by Mathenia $20
Tulip II by Marcoux $40
Une Tulipe Rouge by Gillette $20
Unknown by Carlton $18
Vase on Table by Gunn $195
Veiled Lily I by Forte $20
Veiled Lily II by Forte $20
Venetian Gate II by Zlin $30
Vertical Daisy by F.M. $120
Wallflowers by Schaefer $35
Watergarden I by Gilbert $20
Watergarden II by Gilbert $20
West Indies Urn I by Hand $45
West Indies Urn II by Hand $45
White Iris by Cota $30
White Rose With Larkspur No.2 by O'Keeffe $30
White Trumphator Tulips by Blum $30
X-Ray Botanica by Henri $340
Yellow Cactus Flowers by Gillette $95