Amphibious Landing by Steinbacher $25
Lambchops by Steinbacher $16
Midnight Mustangs by Walker $30
MyMama by Steinbacher $25
Pacific Coast Sea Otter by Wari $35
This Little Pig by Steinbacher $16
Bermuda Lilies by Rosner-Kozuch $30
Calla No. 2 by Ellison $25
Calla No. 3 by Ellison $25
Calla No. 5 by Ellison $25
Calla No. 6 by Ellison $25
Chateau Ribaute I by Volakis $30
Chateau Ribaute II by Volakis $30
Demure by Whiteside $30
Embrace by Mercer $25
Golden Age I by Tarras $30
Golden Age II by Tarras $30
Golden Age III by Tarras $30
Golden Age IV by Tarras $30
Lovers by Rosner-Kozuch $30
Mas de l'Amandier by Volakis $30
Muses by Mercer $25
Promise by Mercer $25
Roses in Round Vase by Olson $25
Roses on French Newspaper by Olson $25
Tulips in Fluted Vase by Olson $25
Utopia by Whiteside $30
Paradise Lagoon by Kluver $30
Coolin' Off by Stoecklein $40
Musee de l'Elysee by Capa $10
Nude Women on Bicycles by Unknown $10
Photo of Male by Skrebneski $30
Photo of Male Model by Ray $10
Photo of Woman by D'Orazio $10
Robyn Mackintosh by Elgort $10
Sweet Kisses by Cameron $30
The LX Saddle Horses by Stoecklein $40